Cairo Calling


Cairo Calling

It was over two years ago when Iman Elsherbiny and I had our first real conversation at a social gathering in Gokulam. By then, we had been singing for at least a month or so in kirtan-s at Saraswathipuram, Mysore whilst practicing at the KPJAYI shala with Sharath.

Without knowing much about each other, we seemed to just click after sharing time and prana with the sound practice of chanting. And the idea of me one day coming to Egypt somehow floated up to the surface.

Fast-forward: Iman is a day away from her return to India and I’m here in Cairo, settling in, and slowly taking over Iman’s classes.

This first intense and surreal week has been a special one, packed to the brim, starting with a couple of weekend workshops here in Maadi and Zamelek where Iman and I have had a chance to work together.

I love working with Iman, who approaches teaching with a lot of sensitivity and good humor.

It has been a shakti powered week, from tag-team teaching the workshops and slowly turning over Iman’s regular classes.

I’ve come despite all the instability here in Egypt or maybe because of it. The way I see it, what better place to practice and share yoga, right in the thick of it, where balance is most needed.

Photo: Iman demonstrating technique behind urdhva dhanurasana during out workshop in Ashtanga Yoga Cairo in Zamelek.

Build Foundation, Find Flow


Build Foundation, Find Flow

September 28, 2013. My first workshop in Osaka, Japan. May there be more in the future!

It was a quick two and a half hours lecturing on the tenets of yoga philosophy that make up the foundation of asana and experiencing tristhana (breath, posture/bandha, and drishti) in a variety of ways in an exploratory asana class.

Next Sunday, October 6, 3-5pm, we will be having a special workshop offering “Prepare for Self Practice,” which will go over principles of basic adjustments in the primary series as well as some framework for vinyasa and backbending.

There is a week gap between my departure from the mysore program here in Osaka and the arrival of Veronique Tan, the program’s new teacher.

The workshop is aimed at inspiring students to find the gifts and the joys of self practice, which is many many fold, during the interim.