Inner Dance


Maia Earth Village, Palawan. The vibrant home of Inner Dance.

Inner Dance, like yoga, is a process of doing, knowing, and being, that helps us break down our limited patterns of behavior and thought in order to expand our sense of self and cultivate a healthy connection with those around us and with the planet at large.

The energy work, which is grounded in the science of sound, vibration and frequency, is a powerful healing modality and moving meditation, whose deep internal process shifts and removes energetic blockages–physical, mental and emotional–from the body.

By going into a light trance state, practitioners are able to observe movement without moving by thought. This connection to one’s light body allows for a deeper understanding of the self and a purge of negative energy and emotion.

The dance itself has no structure or form. There are no rules. It can be dynamic or static, quiet or loud, soft or intense. Even in group work, each dance is highly personal and is experienced differently by each person. Inner dance is mostly practiced with music, but not exclusively.

Founded and developed by Filipino healer Pi Villaraza, the dance has been spreading around the world, with the highest concentrations in South East Asia. Pi’s trainings, based in Palawan, Philippines, and paired with a raw food diet, are attended by practitioners from all parts of the world who are in turn sharing and spreading the phenomena in all corners of the planet.

Captivated with her moving first “dance” with Pi in early 2011, Kaz has since used the ID process as a means of self-inquiry and as a compliment to her yoga practice. She believes the spontaneous and formless inner dance is perfectly supported by the structure laid down by the principles of yoga practice–inner dance, in turn, is a powerful tool for finding intuitive flow in yoga. She sees that the practice of yoga and inner dance as a means of establishing wholeness, one-ness.

Kaz started facilitating inner dance in the summer 2012 across Europe, India and the Philippines and trained intensely with Pi and a special group of experienced inner dance facilitators at Maia Earth Village, Palawan at the end of 2012. She is now facilitating the inner dance process wherever her travels take her.

4 thoughts on “Inner Dance

  1. Hi Kaz. My name is Rana and I’m interested to explore Inner Dance. I read that you offer it in Maadi. Is there a number I could call to know of the times and to register? Thank you. Blessings.

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