Osaka Workshops: Ashtanga Foundations & Flow / Inner Dance: Doing, Being, Seeing


It’s been an amazing month and a half here in Osaka. I would like to think I have given my lion’s share, but I know the truth is I have, once again, received more than I have been able to give. The blessings abound. So the next three weeks is a sort of no-holds barred kind of sharing. In the mysore room at least, it feels like we’re past the getting-to-know-you phase. And it’s all about getting into the nooks and crannies of practice. Getting into the details. Refining.

I’m also really excited to be able to share in a workshop setting the two processes which I hold dear, and which I think compliment each other so seamlessly. It will be an opportunity to dive into the rich experience of ashtanga and inner dance. They can be taken separately or as a pair. The lessons will weave nicely between the foundations of yoga and the fluidity of surrender more easily accessed through inner dance.

① Ashtanga Foundations & Flow

Ttristana, the 3-principles of breath, posture and drishti, create a steady foundation in practice and allow us to flow with power and grace.

With the support of yoga masters Patanjali and Krishna, we will look in to the philosophy behind these principles. And we will explore these principles in both basic and some more intermediate postures, discovering how stability creates flow in practice.

② Inner dance ~ A process of Doing, Seeing, Being ~

Moving meditation, connecting with one’s highest purpose, removing energetic blockages in the body.

As we playfully explore this healing modality from the Philippines, we will experience the magic and mystery of shakti or energy in the body, and how we all have the intuitive ability to dance with this energy and use it to feel free and fluid in our lives.

● ScheduleDate:
① September 28th Sat. 10:00 ~ 12:30 @ Spirit Yoga 5F
② October 5th Sat. 15:00 ~ 17:30 @ Spirit Yoga 6F

● Reservation:Please reserve before the dates below.
Ashtanga:. Sep 22nd Sun.
Inner Dance: Sep 29th Sun.

● Cost:For 1 class JPY4, 500 (Drop-in JPY5, 500)
For 2 classes JPY8, 000 (Spirit Yoga Members Only)

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