Goodbye Hello


Last morning here at Fekra. After today’s sunrise meditation there will be one final class then breakfast and one last class for staff, who I am happy to say are really loving the stretch in new directions.

Coming to the end of the time here, leading two retreats, connecting with a total of 26 retreat participants, getting to know the local and international community that make up Fekra, discovering the treasures of Aswan, drinking from the Nile and savoring the flavor of Upper Egypt, I am feeling not just a little sad at having to take my leave of this magical place. But time like the Nile keeps on flowing…

As I sit here waiting for the sun to rise, I remember the cycles, day and night, then a new day again–that embedded into the goodbye is the promise of a new hello.

Photo: My shadow in the desert walk between the old tombs and The ruins of San Simeon.

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