A Different Kind of Knowing



This morning as I looked around the room, watching the students who I’ve been working with for at least one month now here in Osaka, I could not help but feel amused as I mused how little I know about them. 

What are their jobs, for example? What are their likes and dislikes? What is their story and their family drama? What is their life like outside the mysore room which we share for an hour and half or two hours for six mornings each and every week. And yet, there is this common ground: the practice. And for me, as a teacher, I feel incredibly blessed to be able to see and experience and assist in their incredible personal process called yoga. 

As I looked around, I could not help but feel joyful knowing a person in this way. To know nothing of the roles or the back-stories that color one’s identity and to simply experience one in action. How full each one is as he or she moves with intention, embodying the practice in each breath and simply be-ing. It is experiencing people, not as nouns, but as verbs. 

And then, there are those exquisite moments, beyond verbs, where there are no words…

PHOTO: Spirit Mysore students heating up the room this morning AND inspiring me with their practice! 

Incredibly grateful to have one more month here, teaching these dedicated practitioners here in Spirit. Mysore Classes: Sunday 7:30-10am; Monday-Thursday 6:30-10am; Friday Led Class 6:45am followed by Satsang.

IMPORTANT SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENTS: To offset Obon holiday on Monday, we will be having Saturday Mysore, August 9. Sunday, August 10 is a Moon Day and there will be no class.  

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