Ever Growing Practice


Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with a fellow Ashtanga teacher how Friday led class has by far been the slowest day of the week here in Osaka. We attributed it to difficulties in making the set schedule, ready to accept that numbers drop this one day a week.

Today to my surprise, I had to draw back the curtains to the changing room at Spirit Yoga Osaka to make room for late comers to the class. At 20, mat space was still spacious but covered the length of Spirit’s quite large room.

I love moments such as these, where my own limited ideas are challenged–As if the universe took a moment to correct my faulty judgement.

Perhaps it’s a fluke.


People are coming to led, defying old trends, setting new patterns, reminding me that Ashtanga is growing and evolving; things change quickly when yoga is involved, andthat with yoga there are no limits.

PHOTO: This morning’s full power led primary class. Gambatte! One Friday led class to go before I turn over the Mysore program to the lovely Veronique Tan, returning from a special 2-month month course with our teacher Sharath Jois.

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