Save the Last Dance, Osaka: Inner Dance Sunday, August 31, 11:30am


Inner Dance. Again, so hard to explain. It’s best to simply experience. 

So….Set your calendar, Osaka: Sunday, August 31, 11:30am. Spirit Yoga International School, Osaka, Japan! 

Last month, we had a powerful and evocative dance here in Spirit Yoga. Now, coming to the final week of my two-month teaching stint here, am very excited to offer ID one last time. 

ID is a moving meditation with the guidance of music. It is a process of inquiry, and a tool for releasing energetic blockages in the body. It can be quiet or loud. It can have a lot of movement or be very still. It can be fun. It can be healing. There are no rules, it has no set form. It is whatever it needs to be.

Am excited to work with students, particularly after two months in the mysore space here, a.k.a. the yoga boiler room. Time to let out steam! 

PHOTO: Last month’s Inner Dance was a beautiful and moving experience.


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