There Is No End

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Time is a pretty interesting thing, marking our days, dividing it up into conceivable units, defining starts and finishings.

So the two months here in Japan have come to a close. My last day of teaching was Monday, farewell dinner was last night, departure for New York is early this evening. Endings, right? Nice and tidy!

And yet…

The teaching will continue to stew in the students practice here. It will continue to develop as Veronique, Spirit’s program space holder, teaches…

The connections will continue to expand and grow through the tenacity of memory and the strength of practice.

And we, like our own practice, will continue to be wily changing things…

And the love… well, the love was always there, and the love will continue to always be there, dynamic and yet strangely unchanging.

We may say goodbye, but each farewell comes with infinite “hellos”. From here, the possibilities are endless. There is no end.

Having said all that, I am grateful for this particular unit of time. As usual, I leave feeling like I’ve learned more than I could have possibly taught. Thank you to the students here, your dedication to practice, your openheartedness and willingness to go to the depths is an inspiration. Thank you darling Veronique for entrusting me with such treasures, and for supporting me so beautifully throughout. Thank you to Spirit Yoga for hosting me this second time. Thank you to all who came and (Inner) danced with me, so much light and love is here. To the dear friends who I met last year and this one, thank you, it has been a pleasure to get to know you and to discover Japan though your eyes and hearts. And to Japan, once again, much gratitude–oh and thanks for the fish! With great love, till next time! — Kaz

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