There are the physical bridges that we cross, then there are the countless other actions, moments, events, experiences that move us from one subtle plane to another. We are constantly crossing into these new places, new spaces, not just in body, but also in our hearts and in our minds.

Practice is one such bridge that we are constantly walking on, that we are constantly crossing. It transports us, helps us cross the gaps and chasms of our lives and our stories, these rivers and oceans of samsara. It’s not always easy to cross, but its foundations are strong and steady.

PHOTO: Brooklyn Bridge, NYC. These days are filled with bridge-crossing for me. Just finished 6-days of practice with my teacher Sharath Jois in NYC. My sister is soon to be married in Brooklyn and my parents are flying in today. And then I’ll be off myself to teach in Egypt. All bridges. On the other side: untold possibility.

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