Being a Student


The last three weeks in New York has been a special time to simply be a student. To relish the experience of the morning ritual, the anticipation of standing before one’s mat, to bow down and be guided by one’s teacher.

It’s been a joy to experience this in various ways.

With my teacher Sharath Jois as his US tour swept through New York for a week of led intermediate classes. Where my body, used to a self-paced practice, was pushed to move through intermediate in crisp unison to a symphony of asana postures counted to the beat of such a master conductor.

With a final week, practicing at Ashtanga Yoga New York at Broome Street, where I enjoyed the treat of practicing with others, with the support of such experienced teachers, with the rich history of ashtanga yoga on the walls, and with the blessings of the Hindu deities housed in the space which also doubles as a temple.

And with my sister and family in the week in between, foregoing practice for the rigors of wedding schedule. It was a different kind of sweet surrender, that week of intense and beautiful family gatherings celebrating my sister’s forthcoming nuptials, and finally with witnessing my sister exchange vows with an equally beautiful person.

There are many ways to practice, many different kinds of unions, many different opportunities to be a student.

Be willing, when you are called. Surrender to it. Study well and learn from each and every experience.

IMG_8511 IMG_8702

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