The Container


A room is a just a room, right?

In the evenings, this studio space is occupied by dancers, who tell a story through a series of movements.

In the early morning, the curtains are drawn careful to softly diffuse the light which wants to pour into the room. The floor is partitioned off in rectangular parcels of all different colors and textures. On each of these mats is a person, a one-act-play or an epic story, a dailogue or a monologue, the act of going to church or performing an exorcism.

I am awe and wonder to work in such a room, not because the room is any more special than other rooms. It is just a room. But somehow, out of a stroke of good luck and a combination of just the right conditions, it has become the container of this indescribable process.

On one level, people move and breathe here. There is sweating. And some cardio, yes, fitness. Beneath that, or rather, through that, there is the finding of our edge, the grinding against our fears, the celebrating of our victories…

The room is a container where we are allowed to happen.

PHOTO: It continues to be a daily pleasure to come into–how I even call it–“work” each morning, to enter this alchemical space, powered by a devotion to practice. Should you have an interest in joining the magic here:

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