Inner Dance in The Shala, Maadi


Inner Dance is an experience. I always have a hard time explaining this energy work because it wants to be felt more than observed. It wants to be danced with. Sometimes it’s a slow dance, some times it’s a mosh pit. It might not look like any kind of dance at all. It kind of depends on you, where you’re at, what you’re deep internal music/musings might be at that given moment. And though we are in a room together, it’s kind of like dancing with yourself with, the door is closed, the volume is on high, and you feel free and light enough to go for it. To dance like no one is watching.

Thursday, April 21, 6:30pm, I will be offering Inner Dance sessions in The Shala in Maadi. Excited to return to this space, which has hosted so many ID sessions, and, with it, many personal movements. Thursday Inner Dance will be a weekly offering until early June. (Thursday, 28 April, there will be no class for Easter holidays).

The Shala is located at 6, Road 200 (in front of the South African embassy) Maadi. To book: 01223717729 -01222384498.  The session is 120LE.

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