Connecting with the Ancients: Ashtanga Yoga in New Hermopolis



New Hermopolis’ architecture.

One of the things I love about Egypt is how something quite magical can come together here with such remarkable speed and energy. One conversation might spark an interest and next you know…you’ve got this thing, usually a kind of big substantial THING. One such small exchange between a student and her local travel-expert husband gave birth to some of my favorite Egypt adventures. Freedom Travellers and I went to the White Desert together in 2014 with Egyptian yoga teacher Iman Elsherbiny. We followed it up with a trip to Siwa Desert Oasis later that year. I’m happy to reunite with Yasmine Rifaat and Ahmed El Leissy for yet another retreat, this time to magical Minya in Upper Egypt where New Hermopolis has made some waves as a special eco-lodge whose ethos is all about transformation and healing.

Four kilometers from New Hermopolis, is the remains of Hermopolis, an ancient spiritual center. Here certain Egyptian creation myths have their origin: the lotus blooming from the primordial waters, the union of feminine and masculine deities that speak of higher integration. A trip to Beni Hassan tombs will evidence how the ancients practiced something like āsana. So many traditions, so very old, and yet all so very similar. Am excited to draw on the ancients from this land to relate to the tradition of yoga and New Hermopolis is the perfect setting for such an endeavor.

Going into the White Desert was about looking for stillness in the yoga practice, while taking our retreat to Siwa was about finding the oasis within. This time, going to Minya feels like an opportunity to connect with the ancients here in Egypt, with an old tradition, an old wisdom. Also, it is a full circle. Here in Cairo, I have been running classes in Nūn Center. Pronounced “noon,” it is one of the 8 key deities/energies born in Hermopolis, it is the primordial waters from which creation springs, it is where the sacred lotus emerges, and with it life.

We’re going deep in Upper Egypt, March 16-19, for our Ashtanga Yoga in New Hermopolis. The cost of the retreat is 4000LE inclusive of transportation, food, accommodation (room sharing) and yoga/cultural programs. Bring a friend and get a 10% discount.

To book your spot, contact:
Freedom Travellers +20 122 110 4464
or Nūn Center at, +20 122 398 0898

For more information, see our Facebook event page.


Magical Minya


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