“Enjoy Your Practice”

Enjoy Your Practice

Another three little words that packs a powerful punch.

As a student myself, I have surely heard these words before from the mouths of other teachers who I’ve taken class with, at least one, I’m sure of. And for me, it’s a most natural follow up to the opening chant, along with “ohayou gozaimas” or good morning these last couple of months.

I left Osaka yesterday with a happy heart, knowing that this little reminder to find ease and joy in one’s practice is part of my contribution to this inspired and inspiring yoga community in Japan.

It’s so plain, it’s so simple, and yet sometimes really easily forgotten. We must be in joy-fullness as we practice. Without it, it’s an exercise in struggle. The attitude we bring into the practice dictates how our yoga practice takes shape.

Even when it’s hard, even when there’s struggle, the joy is always there, always waiting to be discovered, to be experienced, this blissful feeling, a jewel in the rough.

Photo taken with me and some of the students early Tuesday morning before my departure at the studio in Osaka. 

2 thoughts on ““Enjoy Your Practice”

  1. I’m big on the idea of practice in many forms as something done over and over again, often without a necessary outcome. The practice of music or prayer or meditation, for instance. And while this also embraces discipline and self-discipline, I’m grateful for your essential reminder: ENJOY! Otherwise, it gets dull and duty-bound, doesn’t it.

    • Totally, Jnana! Krishna in the Gita talks about this, act for action sake without attachment to any end goal or expectation. Practice, in whatever form, is an act of love, of presence and awareness. When we act from this place of love, how cannot help but enjoy!

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