Spirit(ed) Inner Dance


It’s amazing how a great deal of work, deep excavation can happen so quietly.

Inner dance can be wild, there can be a great deal of movement and noisemaking.

Likewise, it can take on the subtle work. Participants dive inwards. The shifts are are massive tremors underneath the surface, with only some signs above ground. Facial fissures telling tales of secret journeys, openings. Release comes in tears.

My experience here in Japan is that inner dance, which is evocative but profoundly quiet.

Last Sunday’s ID was no exception. Felt particularly blessed to work with participants who I have been teaching nearly everyday for the last month. A Mysore program has it’s own special alchemy. Trust is there. So is the willingness to go deep. Feeling blessed that one tool can help support the other. That ultimately the goal is the same, remembering who we really are.

PHOTO: Sacred Inner Dance Circle last Sunday, 27 July.

The next scheduled ID here in Spirit Yoga Osaka is Sunday, August 31, 11:30am-1pm.