Inner Dance in Osaka, Spirit Yoga


Move without thinking. Feel energy dance through your body. And connect with your own loving light!

Inner Dance is a moving meditation from the Philippines, which allows us to recognize our deep intuitive wisdom by going into a light trance state with music.

There is no form. There are no rules. No dancing required.

Spirit Yoga in Osaka, Japan will be offering Inner Dance 14:30-16.00 every Saturday in September (September 7-September 28).  On Saturday, October 5, we will have a special Inner Dance workshop that will give participants the chance to go deeper into the process.  More details on the workshop soon!

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Explore Ashtanga at Spirit Yoga, Osaka

Kaz Ashtanga Class

Experience ashtanga and explore the themes that fuel practice as we look at the primary series in depth and and in detail.

In addition to the on-going 6-day mysore program (M-Thu, 6:30; Fri, 6:45; Sun, 10am) in Spirit Yoga, I’ll be teaching Monday 11:00-12:30 class starting September 2 through my stay here in Osaka.

Excited to have an opportunity to share more while I’m here in Japan. Through these Monday classes, I hope to share the ashtanga primary series in a playful yet expanded way. The class will be good for all levels, with some great stuff for both beginners and intermediate practitioners.

More news on the September 28, 17:00 ashtanga workshop at Spirit to follow. We’ll be looking at the principles of practice, tristana, and how we use that to build a steady foundation from which we can stretch and grow. But do go ahead and mark your calendars!

For more information on the ashtanga offerings at Spirit Yoga:

Ashtanga at Spirit Yoga, Osaka

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Four-thirty am, Friday morning. I turn the key and open the door to a seemingly empty space. I delight in these moments, knowing that the space is not really empty but rather full of potential. I am the first one in this morning. I arrive early at Spirit Yoga to practice and then to teach my first class in Japan, which is a led primary series class. And despite the daze from traveling from Spain just the day previous, the class goes well, the breath is even, the energy is balanced.

I am grateful for this opportunity to share. Grateful that my friend and fellow teacher Momo Reina trusts me with the program he’s so skillfully cultivated and with his wonderfully attentive and dedicated students. Happy to be so warmly welcomed by the students and the studio. I will be teaching here in Osaka through the start of October.

Tomorrow is a new day. Mysore class resumes. A new teacher for Spirit Yoga ashtanga practitioners. New students for me. Uniting us: this unbreakable thread of yoga practice.

For schedule or more information on the ashtanga program, click Spirit Yoga link.