Inner Dance Aum Exploration


A couple of hours after the inner dance at Spirit Yoga, I found myself looking up at this “OMM” building. Perfection.

Today’s inner dance key vibratory statement was “Aum,” wholeness, that which is complete. We started with Aum and ended with Aum–and the dance was everything in between.

It’s true what they say about how teaching is a co-creation between the teacher and the student, that lessons flow according to need and readiness of those receiving it, of those willing enough to surrender to the mystery of it. As I continue to offer the ID (Inner Dance) process to yoga practitioners, the process reveals itself more and more in the language of yoga. And in Japan, it takes on a subtle energy, soft waves of healing energy and light. There is a lightness to the dance I’ve been witnessing here. A willingness that encourages energy to move. The experience is there, if not entirely the highest observation of it. 

One returning student described attending ID as her “therapy”, which tells me that the dance is working its magic. 

I will continue to offer ID every Saturday at 2:30pm at Spirit Yoga Osaka until the end of September. October 5, we will have a special ID workshop, where students will experience how to co-facilitate with each other. 

For workshop details, click here