Yoga Happens


Yoga Happens

Ok, despite declaring myself on vacation over the last week in Sinai, I didn’t actually totally stop teaching. Conversations turn yogic, people turn up interested and impromptu classes are set up right at that moment, right on the beach.

This is the nature of yoga. It simply happens. Not only when we will it, but whenever it is needed. Not merely when we seek it out, but when it is presented. The opportunity to practice does not just occur when we so skillfully schedule it; the opportunity to practice exists in every moment.

Photo: Afternoon class on January 1, 2014. A good day to practice. At New Moon Island, El Rashitain, Naweiba in Sinia, Egypt.




It’s the new year–once again. And if you’re like me, you might be taking some time right about now, keenly surveying your particular patch of world.

As I look around, I can feel the pull towards the pensive, the serious…This photo taken today reminds me to approach this time of contemplation with a healthy amount of wonder and playfulness–for this, the present moment, is also our playground.

Photo: Ayesh Camp, El Ras, Naweiba.

Above It All


Lucky are those who have the opportunity to climb up the mountain side, sit solitary on the top, surveying the world in deep and peaceful silence.

And for the rest of us with no mountains to climb, no sacred spaces that facilitates easy meditation?

We must scale the challenges of every day life, the shortage of time and the peaks and valleys of our own ego to rise above it all in order to sit at the summit of our highest potential, where the noise and endless whirling activity of the world below quiets at the distance…

Photo: Sunset. Someone sits in meditation on one of the hills overlooking the beach here in Naweiba, Sinai.