Street Yoga


This is not a beautiful example of street art, but it’s real. This street scribble, near where I currently live in Cairo, is someone saying something. In Cairo, which has been the scene for political upheaval of late, where the new is constantly grinding against the old, and bits of old keep on grinding into each other, these words have serious context.

In such a place as this, living is a constant balancing act. There is a quiet and some times not so quiet battle on. And the question for many is how to find peace and at the same time how to fight for survival.

This is yoga, walking the slack line, finding the fragile balance between being centered and strong, but being easy and flexible, teetering between two extremes: haphazard surrender and fighting tooth and nail–to find some kind of middle ground, which at its best remains pretty shaky. But in that constantly shifting space, there is a stillness, a center to stand on.

Balancing Act


Balancing Act

Like in every big city, life in Cairo has its challenges. Tension bubbles up to the surface in a myriad of forms: through levity or manic behavior, traffic or self-imposed isolation. What to do? How to act?

In our yogasana practice, we put ourselves in positions/postures where we are on that edge. And in that place, we find our footing, what grounds us, and from there we find our center. We breathe into it so that we can find that precious balance.

Photo: Monday night Mysore in Ashtanga Yoga Cairo in Zamalek. Mom-to-be Sarah modifies ardha baddha padmotanasana to find a beautiful balance between her practice and her pregnancy.