Ashtanga and Inner Dance, Weekend Workshop, April 11-12


Ashtanga and Inner Dance, Weekend Workshop, April 11-12

Happy to be offering more inner dance as a compliment to the yoga practice this weekend.

Come and explore the ashtanga yoga practice with Iman Elsherbiny, then open to the flow of your own intuitive wisdom with Inner Dance, a moving meditation and healing modality from the Philippines.

For full details, see poster.


Flow to Your Heart Beat, Inner Dance Workshop, Friday, April 4


Flow to Your Heart Beat, Inner Dance Workshop, Friday, April 5

Friday, April 4, 11am-1pm
Shanti Yoga
22 Obour Buildings, Salah Salem Road, Heliopolis, Cairo
0112 501 0509

A process of knowing, doing and being. Inner Dance is a moving meditation coming from the Philippines. It’s principles, however, are universal: we are all energy, we are full of infinite possibility.

Inner Dance can help us relax, remove physical and emotional blockages and understand our deep internal processes.

No experience required. Movement optional.

Kaz Castillo is a traveling yoga teacher and inner dance facilitator. Over the last year, she has been sharing ashtanga yoga and inner dance in the Philippines, Japan, Spain and Egypt. Having drunk from the Nile, she returns to Cairo this month to expand the inner dance experience in communities like Shanti Yoga in Heliopolis.

Taller de Yoga “Desde el centro a la expansión”


Como cada primer domingo del mes los invitamos a nuestro taller de práctica y teoría, una mañana de clase guiada de la primera serie y una charla que nos ayudará a profundizar y y comprender otros aspectos de nuestra práctica de yoga.

En esta ocasión Kaz ha querido compartir su pasión por la literatura y los textos sagrados del Bhagavad Gita con nosotros en una oportunidad única que espero todos pueda aprovechar.

“Desde el centro a la expansión ”

El Bhagavad Gita, un texto atesorado desde la tradición del yoga, se inicia con un héroe en crisis. Arjuna se enfrenta a su batalla más dura, y justo momentos antes, duda, pierde su determinación y arroja su arma. Su amigo, aliado y maestro, Krishna , comparte con él las enseñanzas de yoga, le ayuda a encontrar su centro, para que pueda seguir adelante y enfrentar los retos del futuro.

Pero, ¿Cómo nos conectamos con nuestro centro?, ¿Cómo usamos el centro para expandirnos y crecer en todas las direcciones?

Conversaremos brevemente algunos principios claves a aplicar en nuestra clase guiada, exploraremos algunas de las enseñanzas atesoradas de Krishna, con énfasis en la pregunta: ¿cómo encontrar nuestro centro en este torbellino de mundo en constante cambio?
La clase cerrará con el canto de mantras que celebran la energía de Krishna, de integración, el yoga.

English Description:

“From the Center, We Expand”

The Bhagavad Gita, a treasured text from the yoga tradition, starts with a hero in crisis. Arjuna is faced with his toughest battle. And just moments before, he doubts, looses his resolve, throws down his weapon. His friend, ally and teacher, Krishna shares with him the teachings of yoga, helps him find his center, so that he can move forward and face the challenges ahead.

How do we connect with our center? How do we use the center to expand and grow in all directions?

Program: We will briefly discuss some key principles that we will apply in our guided half-primary class. Afterwards, we will explore some of Krishna’s treasured teachings, particularly how do we find our center in this whirling world of change–closing by chanting mantras celebrating the energy of Krishna, of integration, of yoga.
NEW DATE: Domingo 2 de MARZO
8.30-11.30 hrs.

20 euros
25 euros ( para quienes no son alumnos de Pazzifica* Ashtanga Yoga)


Workshop: Expand & Flow in Maadi and Zamalek, Cairo





Here’s the poster for the upcoming workshops at Maadi and Zamalek. These will be the last of the workshops in Cairo. Excited…and a little sad that my time here is almost at an end. It’s been a very special teaching experience…

Egypt-Maadi-Zamalek Workshops

Workshop: Peaceful Warrior at Shanti Yoga Cairo


Shanti Yoga Cairo is hosting one last workshop for their growing yoga community. The workshop is beginner friendly but will also be informative for more advanced practitioners too. Will be sharing a special theme also, one that I feel is so important today, not just in Egypt but everywhere!

Egypt-Shanti Yoga Heliopolis



Ashtanga in Aswan, A Yoga Retreat – Join the Facebook event by clicking here!

December 19-22, 2013. A 4-day, 3-night yoga retreat at Fekra Cultural Centre, El-Shallâl, Aswan, Egypt with Kaz Castillo, KPJAYI authorized ashtanga teacher (Ashtanga Yoga Egypt).
Breathe in the true nature of yoga in the very special surrounds of Aswan. We will explore a holistic view of the ashtanga practice through daily yogasana class, meditation sessions, and other fun and fulfilling activities set in the unspoiled beauty of Aswan.

The Program:
The program 1 yoga class each day in nature’s setting, an afternoon meditation each full day, Accommodation at Fekra Cultural Centre (Two meals/ day), Transportation from Airport, Train Station, Bus Station during arrival and departure day, Fun program during free time includes boat trips, Visiting Philae temple, Nubian night at Fekra and more. Price: LE 1500

The Teacher:
Kaz loves yoga for its transformational power and embraces the constant gifts of change that come with practice. A dedicated ashtanga student, she has been studying at KPJAYI in Mysore, India under the tutelage of Sharath Jois who has given her his blessing to teach the system.She taught at Boracay Yoga in the Philippines up until 2011. Since then, Kaz has immersed herself in the study and exploration of yoga, from the philosophy that fuels the practice to Sanskrit chants and bhajans. She now shares this expansive experience of yoga around the world, from Japan to Europe. Invited by friend and fellow ashtangi Iman Elsherbiny, Kaz is currently teaching for Ashtanga Yoga Egypt.

Fore more about Kaz:
and Ashtanga Yoga Egypt:

The Setting:
FEKRA* is the joining together of artists from around the world with the culture and traditions of Southern Egypt. FEKRA supports those artists in their endeavors and promotes a cultural exchange with the local people.

The Cultural Center organizes traditional and contemporary music and dance events, poetry evenings, lectures and film screenings. FEKRA also offers courses and workshops with local and international artists and facilitates an international cultural exchange.

FEKRA is located on 40’000 sqm of land next to the Nile coves and opposite the island of the Philae Temple, in Southern Egypt. More about Fekra Cultural Center at

by email:
or call: +20 122 3717729

Foundation Workshop in Heliopolis, Cairo


Foundation Workshop in Heliopolis, Cairo

Will be going this morning to Shanti Yoga in Heliopolis with it’s relatively beginner yoga community to teach a foundational class with emphasis on grounding and feeling the center. Excited to be introducing these ideas to new communities of ashtangis.

I love working through the subtleties of sun salutations and standing postures, it supports the practice. It gives it legs to stand on!

Cairo Calling


Cairo Calling

It was over two years ago when Iman Elsherbiny and I had our first real conversation at a social gathering in Gokulam. By then, we had been singing for at least a month or so in kirtan-s at Saraswathipuram, Mysore whilst practicing at the KPJAYI shala with Sharath.

Without knowing much about each other, we seemed to just click after sharing time and prana with the sound practice of chanting. And the idea of me one day coming to Egypt somehow floated up to the surface.

Fast-forward: Iman is a day away from her return to India and I’m here in Cairo, settling in, and slowly taking over Iman’s classes.

This first intense and surreal week has been a special one, packed to the brim, starting with a couple of weekend workshops here in Maadi and Zamelek where Iman and I have had a chance to work together.

I love working with Iman, who approaches teaching with a lot of sensitivity and good humor.

It has been a shakti powered week, from tag-team teaching the workshops and slowly turning over Iman’s regular classes.

I’ve come despite all the instability here in Egypt or maybe because of it. The way I see it, what better place to practice and share yoga, right in the thick of it, where balance is most needed.

Photo: Iman demonstrating technique behind urdhva dhanurasana during out workshop in Ashtanga Yoga Cairo in Zamelek.

Build Foundation, Find Flow


Build Foundation, Find Flow

September 28, 2013. My first workshop in Osaka, Japan. May there be more in the future!

It was a quick two and a half hours lecturing on the tenets of yoga philosophy that make up the foundation of asana and experiencing tristhana (breath, posture/bandha, and drishti) in a variety of ways in an exploratory asana class.

Next Sunday, October 6, 3-5pm, we will be having a special workshop offering “Prepare for Self Practice,” which will go over principles of basic adjustments in the primary series as well as some framework for vinyasa and backbending.

There is a week gap between my departure from the mysore program here in Osaka and the arrival of Veronique Tan, the program’s new teacher.

The workshop is aimed at inspiring students to find the gifts and the joys of self practice, which is many many fold, during the interim.